About Us

Hi! We’re Desi and Delphine, lifelong friends and business partners dedicated to sharing our love for travel, surfing, and unforgettable experiences with people around the globe.


With Desi’s background as a California-based event producer turned surf instructor and Delphine’s extensive experience living abroad and leading immersive tours around the world, our journey has been a wild ride.


As we’ve grown older, we’ve realized that being a successful traveler is a learned skill. It’s all about curating the ideal itinerary, embracing spontaneity, forging new friendships, discovering hidden gems and secret surf spots, and, most importantly, immersing yourself in the authentic local culture.


At Sunshine Surf Retreats, we love to bypass the tourist traps and high-rise hotels and, instead, focus on exceptional excursions, charming accommodations, and genuine interactions with the local communities. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you experience the adventure of a lifetime.


Our pride in sustainability and responsible tourism runs deep. We believe in treading lightly on the land we explore, giving back to communities that welcome us, and showing the utmost respect to the landscapes and people we encounter along the way.


So, come join us. STOKE GUARANTEED.

What People Are Saying About Sunshine Surf Retreats

What an INCREDIBLE experience! By far my most favorite vacation I have ever taken.

Sarah – Los Angeles, California

As a solo traveler, I arrived a bit nervous, unsure that I would fit in, but Desi & Delphine made you instantly feel like they had known you for years. This was the kind of trip that I had dreamed of!

Yuka – Queens, New York

The BEST week of my life!!! Delphine and Desi have the whole trip planned to a T – perfect mix of adventure, activity, chilling, and INCREDIBLE food

Morgan – Los Angeles, California

The retreat with Desi and Del was perfect and already a highlight of my year. The group was amazing. Everyone could just be themselves and have a great escape from the everyday life. Thanks so much to Desi and Del, you created magic!

Alex – Berlin, Germany